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It all BEGINS here!

It all BEGINS here!

As I sat in church on Easter Sunday, I sensed God say to me, 'It all begin's here!' It's easy to think everything ends at Easter, when actually, it's the beginning. Even the disciples, on the Road to Emmaus, thought it was the end: 'We had hoped...' (Luke 24:21) they said to the stranger on the road. Their prayer echoes the prayers of many of us who have prayed for years about a situation, but nothing seems to have changed.

Have you ever wondered why when Jesus came to walk alongside them, they were kept from recognising Him (v.16)? Jesus walks alongside us too, but sometimes we don't recognise him. When we're in pain, like the disciples, it can be hard to believe that Jesus is there, but I've heard it said that that is when God is so close, He's out of focus! Try holding up your hand in front of your face so it's just an inch away from your nose and you'll see what I mean. Our emotions can distraught the truth.

But the journey does not end on the Road to Emmaus. Lent becomes Easter and then Pentecost. However, it's easy to think everything ends at Easter because these are the two points in the year the Church tends to focus on in an extended way - Lent and Advent. But what about Pentecost? Isn't the time after Easter an excellent opportunity for us to study and celebrate the Holy Spirit, the Dunamis or dynamite igniting our faith and fuelling mission. Without the Holy Spirit, the Church wouldn't exist! 

This is why I wrote Transformed by the Holy Spirit a series of six studies exploring key passages from the Old and New Testaments which illuminate the character and work of the Holy Spirit. There is an accompanying CD of the same title of imaginative meditations voiced with music by Simeon Wood . And I think you'll love Ruach - Spirit of God a 14 track CD I've voiced of key passages of Scripture about the Holy Spirit from Creation to Revelation with soaring music by Simeon Wood. 


Good Word Liz. All to often Christians run off and forget to wait on the Holy Spirit.
Patricia Carroll
26-Apr-2015 01:52 PM

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